Summer Film Project

Every year Woking Youth Theatre runs a summer film project where members are encouraged to engage in every aspect of film production.

From the initial concept, to script, to pre-production, production and post-production, members are involved every step of the way.

In the age of streaming media, 24 hour broadcast, cable and digital TV there’s never been so much production in the UK as new producers come online all the time. An understanding of TV and film production has never been more relevant to performers.

We encourage members to be creative within the confines of the inherent limitations of small budget production - and the results can be amazing.

We run our shoots as a professional film unit. Just some of the many disciplines required to complete a film project:

  • script writer
  • storyboard artist
  • producer
  • location manager
  • camera operator
  • clapper loader
  • sound recordist
  • boom operator
  • script supervisor
  • continuity
  • director
  • assistant director
  • director of photography
  • electrician / lighting
  • DIT
  • editor
  • sound design
  • visual effects

We will be announcing this summer’s film project shortly.