Musical Theatre

Every year Woking Youth Theatre produces a full-scale musical at The Rhoda McGaw Theatre.

Musical theatre is a massive industry, pulling audiences where straight plays struggle to get ‘bums on seats’; in 2017 the West End total revenue from musical theatre was more than double that of straight plays.

A good grounding in musical theatre, therefore, is very important for anyone looking for a career in the performing arts.

It’s also a lot of fun.

You don’t need to be a great singer or a great dancer to take part. All you need is the enthusiasm and we’ll make you look and sound great as a member of the chorus.

If the limelight is more your thing we will take your raw talent and equip you with the skills to turn in a fantastic performance.

Or if you would prefer to work behind the scenes we have many roles available.

Just some of the roles required to put on a great show:

  • lead performer
  • supporting performer
  • chorus
  • stage manager
  • stage crew
  • set designer
  • lighting operator
  • sound mixer
  • choreographer
  • musical director
  • musician
  • director

Our team of ex Woking Youth Theatre professionals have worked in TV, film and theatre and have the skills and experience to create a show any company would be proud of, as demonstrated by the amazing feedback on our shows, Bugsy Malone and Little Shop of Horrors.

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