Bugsy Malone

13th - 16th April 2022

Wow! What a show! Well done to everyone involved in Bugsy Malone, we have come out singing and dancing.

Bugsy - fantastic! Everything one could hope for in theatre. Word perfect, beautiful costumes, slick acting, talented singing, A real treat!

Marvellous show, you should be very proud!

Saw the final performance of Bugsy last night. Wow! It was fantastic - so much talent and they're all so young. What an achievement! Congratulations to Bruce for inspiring, creating and designing such a show. Can I also mention the beautiful and period-accurate costumes. It all looked so right!

It’s simply brilliant! 

It was fantastic! Every single member did a fantastic job. I still have all the songs replaying in my head.

It was terrific - well done everyone.

Such a great experience. What a lovely group of young people! They all worked so hard and delivered 4 fantastic nights of entertainment!

Thank you so much to all involved! The show was fantastic and clearly everyone performing had a fantastic time.

It was fantastic! Huge congrats to all for pulling it off

Congratulations to all for a brilliant show.

 Bugsy Malone poster

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