Little Shop of Horrors

5th - 8th June 2019

 It was absolutely fantastic! Every bit of it. The scenery, props, effects, movement, singing... all of it! Please say a very big congratulations to the kids. Carys and I loved being scared and finding it funny at the same time. Alex has always been so good at voices! Juliet’s solo made me cry! Good luck for the rest of the shows.

Wow! What a show!! Well done Woking Youth Theatre a fantastic production of Little Shop of Horrors! Book your tickets if you haven’t yet, a talented group of young people and a funny, slick production!

Rock on Woking Youth from one of the original members to you all you have done us and yourselves proud - can’t wait for the next one just wish I could have told you personally xxx

Wow! What a fantastic opening night for Woking Youth Theatre's production of Little Shop of Horrors! Such a talented cast and a slick, professional performance. I am very proud of all my friends who have worked tirelessly to make this happen. WYT for the next generation has well and truly begun! Congratulations to all the incredible team. Dad would be delighted his beloved WYT is back and with a bang!

Congratulations everyone, what a fantastic production, funny and so professional Thanks for the heads up Ingrid Q Weel, would have hated to miss it. If anyone can get to see Little Shop of Horrors before it closes on Saturday, please do, there are way too many tickets still available and it deserves full houses. Thanks again

Really well done was a fantastic show tonight. The cast were amazing. Good luck for the next few nights.

Just got back after seeing Little Shop tonight. We thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Amazing singing, acting, staging... in fact, everything was truly outstanding. Well done and thank you to everyone involved 

Saw the show this evening at it was fantastic! There are some great performances and the entire production is slick, punchy and professional. Congratulations Woking Youth!

Wow! That was absolutely brilliant! The stage looked great, the music/sound effects spot on and all the singers/acting was fantastic- like absolute professionals! I have seen a lot of shows, plays, musicals and concerts and I would put this up there as one of the best I have seen. Well done to everyone involved!

What a pleasure to watch Woking Youth Theatre’s production of Little Shop of Horrors tonight. A massive well done to all involved. From the moment you walk in, the set looks fantastic and the whole show was so much fun. Slick production, talented cast and great band. Thank you!

Fantastic show, thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to all involved!

Great show, some fantastic talent on that stage and the set looks brilliant.

What a fabulous show tonight - well done to all the cast - Brilliant!

Big Congratulations to everyone involved in tonight’s performance of “Little Shop of Horrors” you should all be rightly proud of a job very well done!

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