Drama Workshops

We run fun, informal workshops every Sunday evening from 6pm to 8pm at Woking Leisure Centre. You’re guaranteed a friendly welcome.

Run by professional actors and directors, our workshops are designed to engage, challenge and educate.

The format of workshops varies according to the theme. Improvisation is used heavily throughout and there are weeks where members may be asked to bring prepared monologues or scenes. Or we may focus on a particular stage technique and exercises.

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Improvisation, or impro, is an important skill. It builds self-confidence not just in theatre but in life. That’s why improvisation is the backbone of many of our workshops.

The informal nature of improvisation works particularly well in a workshop environment as it enables everyone to get involved without any preparation.

Some of the improvisation styles we employ:

  • comedy
  • genre mash-up
  • parody
  • social issues
  • tag impro

Prepared Monologues

Occasionally we will ask members to bring prepared monologues. These are performed in turn to their peers.

Often a theme will be given and a discussion follows each monologue, exploring the issues raised by the text and the performance interpretation.

All feedback is to be positive and constructive.

Participation is not compulsory but strongly encouraged.

Stage Technique

On a regular basis we will spend one workshop concentrating on a particular stage technique.

It’s important to us that, as well as having fun, our members learn valuable skills for theatre and life.

Some of the techniques we cover:

  • movement
  • posture
  • projection / vocal technique
  • motivation
  • status
  • reaction and interaction
  • directing audience attention
  • channeling nerves
  • projecting confidence
  • stage action
  • screen action

Woking Youth Theatre's workshop space is supported by Woking Borough Council.