Mitigating COVID risk during workshops

Whilst the trustees have worked very hard to create a stimulating and educational Masterclass schedule this term, we appreciate Zoom is no replacement for face-to-face meetings.

We are continually working towards getting our members 'back in the room', but before we do so we need to understand how many members are likely to return under the current circumstances.

With this in mind, please can we ask you to complete the form below as an indication of intent / consent for your child to return to workshops. This will give us an idea of numbers and therefore what further procedures we may need to put in place.

We are seeking professional guidance from a consultancy who will draw up our final, detailed risk assessment, but in the meantime, here are the highlights:


The youth theatre will be broken into bubbles until such time as we can return to 'normal'. These bubbles will be informed by existing friend groups and school bubbles. The current plan is to create two bubbles meeting on alternate Sundays with Zoom rehearsals in between. As we will be working towards performances around Easter time, attendance of Zoom rehearsals is not optional.

Cleaning / Sanitising

Members will be required to sanitise on entering The Ypod, during meetings, before using the toilet and to wash hands after using the toilet. Only one member to visit the toilet at a time. Toilet visits will be discouraged.

Workshop leaders will continue to use staff toilets.

The kitchen area is out of bounds to members so they will need to bring their own water.

The Ypod will be cleaned before and during workshops to include door handles, worktops etc. Soft furnishings will be removed or taped off.

Masks will be mandatory at all times.

Temperature checks / health declaration

All members and leaders will have their temperature checked on entry to The Ypod.

We are waiting on our full risk assessment which may require health declarations to be completed for each meeting. In any case, members should not attend any meeting if they have presented COVID symptoms including loss of taste / smell, temperature or persistent cough.

Social distancing

Social distancing must be maintained during rehearsals.


We will fully brief members on procedures when we return to The Ypod. They will be very similar to what they are used to at school.

We are aiming to run two 'pilot' sessions in December and will be reaching out to you again nearer the time.

Please complete the following form to indicate whether you are happy for your child to return.

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